12 Days

Christmas spirit shouldn’t stop with the mantel or Christmas tree…. spread cheer with little touches throughout your home this holiday season with these simple ideas:

1- The soft glow of candles is an easy addition to any room. If you’ll be leaving them unattended for any length of time…consider battery operated ones.

2- Speaking of candles, why not add a scented holiday candle and fresh greenery on top of your toilet tank or bathroom counter? … a look and “smell” that will be very appreciated during busy holiday parties.

3- Change out hand towels in the bathroom with colored ones that compliment your holiday decor. Use ribbon and bows to “wrap” your unused towels for a festive look.

4- Throw pillows are an easy change this time of year. Wrapping pillows with ribbon, much a like a gift will add a festive punch to your sofa.

5- Tuck ornaments, holiday figurines and greenery and floral picks into bookcases and curios. A large ornament on a shelf, or a cluster of berries and a poinsettia blossom beside books is all the “holiday” you may need in those overlooked spaces.


6- Fill glass bowls and vases with ornaments, cranberries, cinnamon sticks or anything else you associate with the holiday.

7- Glass tree toppers aren’t just for trees anymore. If it has a sturdy flat base, group them on tabletops and book shelves for unexpected bling.


Attention to every little detail is what makes your holiday decor come alive. Make the most of your decorating time and budget by spreading the cheer throughout your home. Happy Decorating from Decor Designs.