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Interior Decorating & Redesign

Make the most of what you already have with our Redesign service and replace old, worn out, or outdated items or simply incorporate a few new ones with our Interior Decorating service. No matter how big or small your project might be, we’ll customize a plan that fits your needs, style and budget.

Interior Decorating

While we still make the most of what you already have, our Interior Decorating Service offers you the opportunity to replace old, worn out, or outdated items or simply incorporate a few new ones. We work with you to create a new vision for your space personalized for you and your family. Then, we will help you source the perfect additions to bring your space to life. With access to resources and discounts not available to the general public, we give you an even greater opportunity for detailed space planning and a more cohesive design.

Whether your decorating project means starting from scratch or simply replacing certain items, we will help you make the most of your budget by sourcing items for you based on your style, plan and budget.

Decorating projects might include one or more of the following: new wall color(s), flooring, fixtures, finishes, window fashions, lighting, furniture, artwork and accessories.

Interior Redesign

By reusing, repurposing & restyling items from your home, our Interior Redesign service gives you that “designer” look you’ve always wanted.

You might already have what you need to create a stunning look that you and your family will enjoy. Our Redesign Service makes the most of your decor by reusing what’s on hand. If there are a few missing things, we’ll help you identify what they are and where to add them.

To complete your redesign, our team of well-trained and experienced professionals follow a tried and true system. First, your space is completely cleared so we can better evaluate its hidden potential. Then, we reconstruct the room following a step-by-step process. The end result is a more welcoming, beautiful and functional space that reflects your family’s taste and lifestyle.

Interior Redesign is fundamentally eco-friendly, helping protect our environment. With millions of tons of household items being dumped into landfills or burned every day, keeping things out of the waste stream has never been more important.

Redecorating with what you already own helps you see your home in ways you may have never considered. Repurposing your collected treasures gives you a new-to-you look while saving you money!


Making the Most of Your Good TasteTM

Whether you’re choosing the perfect paint color, selecting new fixtures and finishes, rearranging or replacing furniture, hanging artwork or styling with cherished accessories, we help do it all!

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