Other Design Services

Space Planning & Purchasing

Whether you want to add a few new accessories or recreate an entire room, our Space Planning & Shopping service is available to help source every element of your décor from furniture to lighting, window fashions to artwork, and rugs to accessories.

Our extensive list of contacts, industry sources and years of experience will save you time and money as we purposefully select items that are perfect for your space. You can be confident that our choices will fit both your style and your budget.

Our 3-Day “Love It or Lose It” Return Policy* will give you the added peace of mind knowing that you’ll either love it or we’ll return it for you.

* Certain restrictions apply! See Agreement for details.
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Remodeling With Fixtures & Finishes

Home renovations are costly and stressful. That’s why most people put them off as long as possible. Inexperience and poor planning often lead to costly, regrettable mistakes which could easily have been avoided.

Choosing between the countless different styles & options in flooring, cabinetry, hardware, lighting, plumbing and more can be a daunting task. And while every renovation is different, with professional help, you can avoid common pitfalls and take much of the guesswork out of your remodel.

So, if the time has come to update your home and you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless questions and choices, we can help. Whether it’s simply picking the right flooring or tackling a bathroom or kitchen remodel, we’re here to make sure your renovated space is as beautiful as you’ve dreamed it would be.

Working alongside your contractor, we’ll fine tune your vision for the space, what works and what might not, and formulate a plan that includes every little detail. With our keen eye for detail, you’ll be confident in the finished design before a single nail is hammered.

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Floral Design

Beautiful floral arrangements for your home and special events with custom Floral Design

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Nothing brightens a space more than a wonderful floral arrangement or greenery. After a while though, fresh flowers fade and wilt. And it’s costly to have fresh cut flowers all the time. Why limit yourself to the fleeting beauty of fresh? Modern ‘faux’ flowers and greenery can be just as beautiful and are deceptively real looking! Gone are the days of those “grandmotherly” silk arrangements. Today, beautiful stems that rival their real counterparts in both look and feel are easier than ever to find.

Changed with the seasons, floral arrangements and greenery add drama and character to any space. Furniture and other manmade items create harsh unnatural edges that are softened by adding botanical elements. One or two arrangements strategically placed in your home will become a great focal point adding life and interest to your décor. Whether you prefer real or faux florals, we are happy to customize an arrangement for you that fits your style, taste and budget.

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Whether it’s a detailed video consultation for basic design inspiration or creating a well-designed space with the “works”, our E-Design service is a great way to take advantage of our expertise from the safety & comfort of your home.

Now, more than ever, our homes are our safe havens. And while we might be social distancing at the moment, Decor Designs is still here to help bring joy & beauty into your life when it’s needed most! Our virtual E-Design service is a great way to enjoy the help of a professional Interior Decorator while keeping you and your family healthy and safe. Completed entirely online, our virtual E-Design service will give you all the tools & answers you need to create a beautiful, updated space that fits you and your unique style.

E-Design offers you a simple, affordable alternative to our full-service interior re-design or decorating. It’s perfect for homeowners who want decorating expertise and guidance, but don’t mind doing a little of the work to implement the project themselves. If you love being a DIYer, then this is definitely the design service for you. With E-Design & all our design services, you’re in complete control of the scope, pace and budget whether its one room at a time or your entire home.

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