Real Estate Staging

Real Estate Staging is far more than neutralizing, de-personalizing and de-cluttering.  It’s all about “getting them in the door”,
intentionally decorating to market and sell your home.

Staging ensures your property is market-ready and stands out from other listings.  It also helps ensure you will enjoy the highest possible return on one of life’s largest investments.

Our Staging Consultation includes direct, constructive feedback about your house.  In other words, we’ll tell you what most buyers won’t.  Then we offer suggestions on ways you can accentuate your property’s best features and enhance its visual appeal to attract the largest group of potential buyers.

Our Professional Staging Service, usually completed in one day, offers hands-on expertise.  Our team will complete everything covered during your consultation and more.  Making the most of your existing decor, we put the finishing touches on your listing.  Merchandising your property, using many of the same techniques retailers use, our Professional Staging service insures that the best aspects of your home aren’t overlooked or ignored.

Internet and online shopping play a huge part in today’s real estate market.  Photos of staged homes stand out from the competition enticing buyers to take a closer look.  There’s no doubt that staged properties are more memorable and sellable in any market.

Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran has been quoted as saying, “Real Estate staging used to be optional. Today, it’s a necessity in selling a house.”  Nationwide, staged homes statistically generate higher offers and spend less time on the market.

Note:  If you are a realtor/broker who would  like to add professional Staging services to your listing package, please contact us for information regarding our Realtor Program.

Before and After Photos