12 Days

Having taking care of all your indoor decorations, maybe we should give a little more thought to how you’ll welcome your guests.

We talked about the traditional wreaths on doors and windows on Day 7. But there are other opportunities to set the tone of your holiday decor before anyone sets a foot in the door.

Front Door Planters

Taking advantage of those empty holiday pots & planters you had by the front door, you can turn them into beautiful displays of evergreen to compliment your wreath.

Creating height to frame your front door will draw attention and welcome your guests. Local landscaping and home improvement stores generally sell pre-made pots that you can easily drop into your planter. Another easy cheat is to set a small evergreen tree (fake or real) into the planter and embellish, light or both.

Decorate your planters with weather resistant picks and ornaments that compliment your indoor decor and you’ll set the stage for your holiday festivities from the start. First impressions are lasting ones, so let them start at the front door.

Happy Decorating from Decor Designs.