If there is one constant in life, it is everything changes.  From relationships and friendships to school &  jobs, and even to our home decor, nothing stays the same.  The catalyst for change might be a perceived need or want.  But quite often, it is sparked by a shift in our personality and the way we want to express that change.  At Decor Designs, we are lucky enough to play a small part in that evolution in our clients homes.  By helping people create whatever vision they have for their homes, we help express change in their personality.  In a way, you could say we help them change the backdrop of their life.

Our interactions with clients can range from just a few hours to weeks or even months.  In the grand scheme, however, we are only a part of their journey for the briefest of moments.  Stepping into their ‘story’ is an honor and privilege we don’t take lightly.  In some way, big or small, we will influence their lives by reinventing the backdrop to the drama that unfolds there.

Take a recent job we completed in Chicago for example.  This younger couple had us help put some finishing touches on almost their entire loft style home last summer. (https://decordesignsinc.com/vertical-decorating/)  With that backdrop complete, they could focus on other important things like raising a family.  So, we weren’t at all surprised when we heard they are expecting their first child.


With a big family change now on the horizon, they invited us back to help restyle a guest room to create a cohesive design for guest bedroom/ nursery for the new addition to the family.

Creating a dual purpose space required scaling back the ‘baby’ factor in the room.  While we obviously needed to add nursery furniture including a crib, dresser with changing table and bookcase,  we also added a queen sized bed, upholstered headboard, matching night stand, upholstered swivel rocker, side table and storage ottoman.  Blackout panels replaced wooden blinds for better sleep quality for both baby and parents.




With a baby girl on the way, of course we had to speak to the ‘softer, sweeter, more gentle’ stylings one expects.  With existing gray walls, soft pastels in the crib linens served as our color inspiration.  At the parent’s request, we opted for a slightly more sophisticated, less ‘baby’ look overall.  We incorporated dusty rose pink pillows, throws and blankets along with a hint of watercolor teal.  Continuing with these colors, we styled the combo space with more ‘adult’ themed artwork, flowers, a crystal ball lamp, and soft shag rug.  By scattering a few stuffed animals and other ‘baby’ accessories around, it was just enough to bridge the gap between guest room and nursery.

Mom and dad were very happy with the backdrop we helped create for the stork’s delivery in just a few short weeks.   Big changes are about to occur in their lives, the least of which is this decorating update.  But, we are so happy we got to play a part in setting the stage for their new arrival and wish them all the happiness  in the world as they welcome their bundle of joy!