As part of our 20 Year Celebration, we’re excited to unveil a dynamic, new logo, marking the first significant change to our company’s brand in almost 20 years.

Reflecting our commitment to client satisfaction, cost-effective decorating solutions and excellent customer service, the new logo embodies the essence of Decor Designs as we continue to grow and evolve in the ever-changing and trendy world of interior design.

Key Features of the New Logo:

  1. Modern Design: The updated, simplified design captures the essence of Decor Design’s modern, yet timeless, approach to interiors.
  2. Symbolism: The updated logo incorporates a stylized, purple phoenix.  Ancient Greeks and Egyptians wrote of a mythical bird called the phoenix, a magnificent creature capable of bursting into flames and then being reborn from the ashes!  Symbolizing renewal and rebirth, featuring a phoenix in our new logo represents the transformation, rejuvenation and sense of renewal we help create in our client’s homes.
  3. Color Palette:  The color purple is associated with originality and creativity, the cornerstones of good design.  It’s also the color our clients have come to associate with Decor Designs.  Juxtaposing deep, rich purple with dark, charcoal gray lettering is a nod to our past while looking toward the future.

The new logo is designed to be versatile across various mediums and we’ve started the gradual process of rebranding, in every area of our business, from digital platforms to print materials.  Our goal is to ensure a consistent, clearly recognizable and cohesive brand presence in the industry.

“When I started Decor Designs in 2004, I was told not to stress too much over the logo.  After all, as a small business owner, no one would love my company logo more than I did.  I considered updating it several times over the years, but never followed through.  Taking a page from our own playbook and just as we encourage our clients to embrace change and improvement, our 20th Anniversary seemed the perfect occasion for some “redecorating”.  It’s finally time for a redesign of our own and we hope you love our new look!  — Jeffery Rice, Owner

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For Media Inquiries:  Jeffery Rice, Owner & Chief Creative, Email: or Call: 815-245-2433