Layering is one of the ways interior designers & decorators create a warm and inviting space whether with furniture or accessories.
I recently added to the list of items you can layer using mirrors as an “art” wall for one of my clients.
The process was actually quite simple thanks to a nifty, little tool called a “frame riser” from Pottery Barn. Nothing more than a black finished, steel bracket, it is designed to hang/support artwork (or in my case, mirrors) approximately 4 inches away from the wall. The risers will support items up to 25 lbs.
Frame Riser (Photo courtesy of
I started by arranging the mirrors on the floor in the layout that I wanted making sure to layer the smaller, lighter mirrors over the larger, heavier ones. Next, I took a picture of the arrangement with my phone so that when I started hanging the pieces I could reference where I wanted them. I also took rough measurements to help me recreate the collage of mirrors once they were on the wall.
I placed the largest mirror first and the built outward from there adding risers and flush mounted mirrors until all were hung as planned.
Layered Mirrors
I think you’ll agree that the finished look adds depth and drama to what would have been a fairly ordinary wall of mirrors.
Now that you’re inspired, what do you want to hang with risers?
Happy Layering!