Polished Brass Knob

Updating hardware and fixtures in a home isn’t very glamorous and is one of the most often overlooked “routine” maintenance items by homeowners. If it still works, why replace it…. right? Since I’ve had a number of staging consultations lately that focused on outdated hardware, I’m going to re-address this issue.

I’ll admit, in some nautical themes, polished brass can have its place. But, while it might have been the “bee’s knees” in the 80s and 90s, nothing screams tired and dated more than polished brass light fixtures, door and cabinet hardware and faucets.

Rather than wait for a professional stager to tell you this stuff needs to go, take it upon yourself to visit your local big box hardware store and start replacing these on your own. It’s not rocket science and anyone with a screwdriver can replace door and cabinet hardware by themselves in just a few hours.
Depending on the size and quality of what you use as replacements, interior door handles retail from about $15 to $50 and hinges are about $2-4 each. Faucets and light fixtures run the gamut in both style and price. Pick something that fits your style and budget in brushed/satin nickel, antique/oil rubbed bronze or other non-polished finish.

So what are you waiting on? Get off your BRASS and get to it! Why shouldn’t you enjoy the update before you have to change it all for someone else?