If you aren’t familiar with Redesign, you’re in for a surprise. Redesign is the decorating craze sweeping the nation. It saves you time and money and even helps save our planet! So, what is Redesign?

FACT: In its simplest form, Redesign is the art of using existing elements in a home to give the owner a fresh, new, designer look generally without having to buy a thing. Often accomplished in only one day, Redesign Professionals bring only a skilled eye into your home to assess your current decor and determine how improvements can be made while using existing furniture, artwork and accessories. Following tried and true decorating principals, a skilled Redesigner can clear a room and rebuild it in a way that is more functional, cohesive and esthetically beautiful.

FACT: By repurposing, relocating and reusing what you already own, you save money and time. An added bonus is that you also help save our planet! Every day millions of tons of households items are dumped into landfills or burned. Both have a huge negative impact on the environment. Redesigners help you see your home in a whole new light and in ways you may have never considered.

FICTION: You can’t make a difference using the exact same items. You need to spend a lot of money on all NEW stuff to really see the changes.

So, join the wave. Make the most of your good taste with a Redesigner. You will be surprised with the results!