Decorating a new-to-you house can be a daunting project.  Sometimes it seems like almost everything needs to be changed so it will work.  You have no problem asking for moving help.  But what about asking for decorating help.  Opening that door can help eliminate a lot of the stress and guesswork from the move.  And it goes a long way toward letting you enjoy your new home without being overwhelmed by so many questions and to-dos!


We just finished the first part of a project in Bull Valley for an awesome young couple moving into their first ‘together’ home.  Just starting out, several friends asked why they were going to the expense of working with an interior decorator.  She explained that she wasn’t sure what to do with the long, rectangular living space.  And, she wanted to make sure it was done right the first time, ultimately saving time & money.  Good Answer!


The project began by painting over the previous owner’s colors to unify the space and better compliment our new vision for decor.  We chose a combination of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, Mega Greige, Diverse Beige and Realist Beige.  We wanted the trendy and ever-popular warm grays and beiges because they blended well with the Spanish tile and hardwood floors. While both might change in the future, those colors will compliment almost any flooring changes.



As the homeowners worked on painting, we spent the next several weeks deciding on and ordering furniture for the living and dining areas.  Awaiting delivery, we turned our attention to finding the details that would tie the spaces together with a ‘lived-in’, finished look.  After learning about the couples likes/dislikes, professional lives, hobbies and other interests, we formulated a plan for their space that would reflect as many of those things as possible.  

After what seemed like forever, the patient couple let me know the furniture had started to arrive.  Once everything was delivered, we set to work doing what we do.  From new window treatments to lighting, artwork to accessories, every single element had to be added.

The main living area was a long rectangular space separated by a beautiful wooden spiral staircase to the upstairs bedrooms.  As with seating in any large space, it’s better to break the room up into smaller “rooms” to create useful and cozy furniture groups.  On one side of the spiral stairs we opted for a living area complete with an 8′ round tan/gray jute rug anchoring four new leather chairs.  The focal point for that space would be a reclaimed wood bookcase from Pier 1.  The other side of the staircase would play home to a new sofa and oversized chair with a new antique white t.v. console as the focus.



Another unique challenge in the space were the numerous sliding doors opening to a large sunroom along the side of the home.  Rather than leaving them all open for use, making it difficult to place furniture, we chose to ignore them.   Instead, we left the one off the kitchen as the primary doorway into the sunroom space.   The others we treated as large windows.  Floor length sheer panels allow the light to pass while softening the hard edges of the doors.




To brighten the space, we added lighter fabrics, rugs and window treatments where possible.  A new, rough-hewn, wood top with white base dining set complimented the white kitchen cabinets.  New barstools were added at the kitchen counter.


With rustic bones and surrounded by lots of woods, the home begged for natural accents.  And working for a large animal vet and pro golfer gave us plenty of inspiration to personalize their artwork and decor.

The completed space feels warm and inviting and received rave reviews from both clients and friends/family.

As we’ve said many times, starting from scratch can be a daunting undertaking.  Don’t let all the minor details take away from the excitement of owning a new home.  We’re happy to help make the most of your good taste!

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