Treasure hunting is one of the best parts of my job!  Who else gets to go into a home and search for hidden treasures just waiting to be brought to the surface and displayed in a way that makes them shine?  It’s such a huge part of what I do as an Interior Redesigner every day.

Vintage Wine Barrel

One of my favorite treasure hunts happened several years ago on a job in Crystal Lake.  In fact, I struck the “mother load” with these particular clients.  Both were avid collectors of vintage.  From vintage cameras to travel trunks, antique slot machines, toys, farm tools, I had so many fun things to work with.  It was hard to decide which items stayed and which items could be packed away for another day.

Travel Trunk Vignette

My absolute favorite discovery was in an attic space above the garage, filled with “stored” items.  Hidden away for years, I found the husband’s grandmother’s wooden baby carriage.  It was in such excellent shape, I knew I had to find a way to display this beautiful and unique bit of family history.  But where would I have room for such a large “accessory”?

Luckily for me, not only was the home full of treasures, it was full of great places to showcase them. One of the best was a ledge running from the kitchen into the family room.  The ledge was deep enough on the kitchen side to put the carriage along with some other vintage finds like an old grape press and a decorative section of fence.  Along with a few smaller filler items, I added greenery and florals to soften the edges and unify the display.

Carriage Vignette

The resulting vignette is one of my proudest accomplishments.  The owners, who also are great friends, were stunned to see grandma’s carriage so prominently displayed.  And, years later, it’s still there drawing admiration and praise from family and guests.  The theme and accessories change with the seasons.  Grandma’s carriage even transforms into a wagon full of gifts at Christmas.

What treasures do you have hiding away in the basement or attic?  Are there hidden treasures just waiting for you to use them in a new, inventive way?  I’ll bet you can create fresh new vignettes using what you already have buried away.  And if you need a little help, let me know.

Love to hear what you do and how you use your own homegrown accessories in unique and different ways.  Happy Decorating from Decor Designs.  815-245-2433.

Carriage from below