Some people are under the illusion that the more they spend the better something will be.  And while it’s true you always get what you pay for, good interior decorating isn’t always about how much you’ve spent.  I’ve seen some awfully inexpensive rooms that were pretty and some pretty expensive rooms that were awful.

Whether it’s the stuff you buy for your home or the decorating professionals you hire, just because you spend a lot isn’t always reflected in the end result.  Who hasn’t hired the cheapest painter only to have the job take forever?  Or bought the best custom draperies only to find that they took forever to be made?

Whether it’s service or product quality, the comparison between Good, Fast and Cheap always holds true.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Check this out:


In a perfect world, you could have all three.  But in reality, you can really only have two at any one time.

I find that the better philosophy to have while decorating (as in most of life) is “everything in moderation”.  Moderate quality that’s fairly priced and reasonably fast will give you the best of all three without having to trade one for the others.  You can always cut corners in places that won’t be seen or are hardly used.  Then, spend those savings in areas where they will be noticed and appreciated.

So the next time you’re frustrated with a bad paint job or a delayed furniture delivery, remember Good, Fast and Cheap decorating only exists in your imagination.  While the best of all three would be ideal, realistic expectations play a huge part in creating a space you’ll love and be happy with for years to come.

Happy Decorating from Decor Designs!