Floral SuppliesWhether fresh or faux….florals add an organic element to all the angular man-made elements in your home. Just like other plant materials, sea shells, driftwood and such, florals help soften the edges of tables, bookcases and cabinetry and are a great way to add a punch of color and visual interest that can be changed seasonally or when the mood strikes.
Take a look at today’s creation for an upcoming install in south suburban Chicago.
Spider Mum
I love creating informal arrangements that feel garden-gathered rather than perfectly symmetrical. And, while more expensive than standard faux flowers, these “real touch” yellow Spider Mums and cream-colored, giant Peonies are very deceiving both in look and feel and worth every penny. Mixing in dried Eucalyptus adds another “real” layer to the arrangement. Finally, a couple of drops of an appropriately scented essential oil and this arrangement rivals the look, feel and smell of the real deal. Best of all, you have a beautiful centerpiece that will last for an entire season and can be rotated out with another later on.