Thoughtful decorating is a process, best accomplished one step at a time and from the walls in.  The walls (as well as floors & ceilings) are a blank canvas waiting to be embellished and personalized.  Working from the walls in, beginning with new paint, flooring etc… helps create the perfect backdrop and mood for the furnishings to come.

Last year, we were invited by our partners at R&J Painting to complete a color consultation for one of their clients.  These first-time homebuyers had recently purchased their property in West Dundee and were excited to begin the process of updating and personalizing their new home.

Sometimes, we’re asked to help with new paint colors and our involvement ends there.  Other times, we are invited back after painting to help style the space(s).  After seeing the transformation in their home with only paint, the young family felt compelled to have us help with designing the main living areas in the home.  The following testimonial, from our satisfied clients, details our journey together:

“Loved our experience with Decor Designs! We met Jeff when we bought our first house and needed to get it painted. The painter we used offered a free consultation with a designer (Jeff) and we hit it off with him right away. The way he approached color selection was so thoughtful and he was so open sharing his knowledge with us that we knew he would be wonderful to work with for design services.”

“Because we had purchased our first home we had a lot of work to do to fill the space and we knew it would take forever to do it all ourselves. My husband and I have very strong opinions about design, so we were initially hesitant about entrusting the look of our home to someone else, but we were busy with our jobs and family and felt like we needed the help. We needn’t have worried.”

“Jeff was amazing right from the start. He took the time to really listen to not just our preferences for design, but also our day-to-day needs (we have young children, so some things we would have loved wouldn’t necessarily have been practical right now). He involved us in all major decisions (big furniture pieces) and was so patient while we were being selective, and then he kept us informed when there were delays in shipments. He also responded quickly to any questions we had throughout the process. For all of the smaller items, he did the shopping and selections himself, and when it was all ready he did a big reveal where he staged our home HGTV-style.”

“I was shocked that he was able to nail our styles so well. He managed to balance practicality for our young kids with elevated style and I genuinely don’t know how he did it. Oh, and he stayed within our budget! I cannot say enough good things about the entire process, about working with Jeff, and about the final product. We will definitely use Jeff again for all future design services and will recommend him to everyone we know.”

“Thank you, Jeff!”

And here are just a few AFTER photos of our work:







Decorating from the walls in is a deliberate as it sounds.  Whether painting, wall papering or updating flooring, taking time with these updates will help create the perfect backdrop for your furniture, artwork and other treasures.  Following a step-by-step process, which begins by updating the canvas, helps ensure a beautiful result every time!

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