Fall Table


Fall has arrived in Illinois and much of the country.  After a busy summer of kids, vacations and travel, fall is all about bringing family and friends back together to celebrate cooler temperatures with coziness and comfort.  Why not surround your loved ones with a home decorated as if it could give hugs?

Look no further than Mother Nature for your fall decor inspiration.  Harvest colors of yellow, brown, red, gold and orange are a no brainer.  These colorful accents blend well with almost any design style.  Warm colors and natural, organic abundance are the perfect backdrop for everything fall.  Fall leaves, dried grasses, harvested fruits and veggies serve as a wonderful base for a season that centers around food and feasting.

Fall Chandelier

Successful fall embellishments focus on nature.  Whether harvested from your yard or purchased in a store, choose accessories that are made of natural elements.  Woven baskets, terra cotta pots, aged wood benches play well with harvest tools & antiques.  Or mix pine cones and gourds with glass owls, ceramic pumpkins, potpourri or tree branches.

Fall Time

Fall touches, with just a few tweaks, transition easily over the next several months into the fall holidays.   Add spooky spiders, bones, and skulls and it’s suddenly Halloween.  Or mix in turkeys, cornucopias and top hats and you’re ready for Thanksgiving.

Of all the seasons, fall gives you the biggest opportunity to create a comfy, cozy nest for your family with the fewest rules.  Let your home wrap you in warmth this season and enjoy everything harvest in your decor.  Happy Autumn Decorating from Decor Designs!