Here in the Chicago area, we’re starting to see the first signs of leaves turning. The goldenrod is in full bloom, the thistle and grasses have gone to seed … a sure sign that snow will be flying before we’re ready for it. With a new chill in the air, it’s easy to get in the mood for the fall harvest and probably my favorite time of year for seasonal home decor.

Fall Owls

Fall accents blend very well with any design style. And these same fall touches, with just a few tweaks, transition easily over the next several month for the fall holidays. If you’ve started with fall leaves, dried grasses, harvested fruits and veggies as a base, it’s simple to add accents to embellish them for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

If you need inspiration for your fall decor, imagine walking through an overgrown field collecting samples from all nature has to offer this time of year…then incorporating them into your decor. Harvest time coincides perfectly with bringing the outdoors inside in your decor. Warm colors and natural, organic abundance are the perfect backdrop for everything fall.

And the best part of all, by adding seasonal accents, you get a whole new look for your home without breaking a summer sweat. Happy Fall Decorating!