Evergreen Chandelier

It’s the first week of January, the holidays are thankfully over and the New Year just begun. Almost overnight in some cases, you’ve arrived at that moment when your beautiful Christmas tree and all the trimmings have instantly turned to unnecessary clutter. So, with a little remorse, you begin the task of un-decorating and storing all things sparkle ’til next Season. All done, you feel accomplished and more at ease only to look around and think how “naked” your space looks with everything put away.

In the coldest, dreariest part of the year, you’re stuck indoors with nothing to look at or inspire you… a three month drought of seasonal decorations until Spring. I hear this from clients all the time. Winter challenges us to decorate in a way that is seasonally appropriate.

Mercury Glass

Instead of fighting it, why not embrace the stark beauty of the season? My solution actually makes use of things you might already have unpacked for the holidays. Just because the holly and mistletoe have seen their day, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate certain elements of holiday into your decor this time of year. Think less “Santa” and more “North Pole” during the winter months.

Crystal Beads

Natural items like birch logs, evergreens, moss, faux snow, crystal gems, icicles and the like continue to make wonderful decorative statements during the winter. Mirrored trays, clear glass vases, crystal decanters, chrome and silver accents, and mercury glass are absolutely appropriate.

With cold temperatures, reds & greens give way to a colder color palette as you find ways to add shades of silver, blue and white into your decor.


Think you can’t have flowers this time of year? Think again? Pure, white florals, even orchids, are a great way to add texture and beauty without feeling “out of season”.

White Floral

The key to winter-time seasonal decorations is to maintain the cold weather theme you started during the holidays. Eliminate the elements that scream Ho Ho Ho and embellish with items that say Snow Snow Snow.

Mirror Tray

With a few careful edits, you can turn your festive Christmas decor into cozy, winter wonderland. Now nestle in with a cup of hot cocoa, light some candles and enjoy this season of rest and hibernation in wintery style.

Happy Winter Decorating from Decor Designs!