You know what they say about first impressions.   It’s always a good idea to “put your best foot forward”.  Chatting with another decorator this week, that idea came up several times.  And it got me thinking.  I always tell clients, especially clients looking to sell their home, that staging helps them “put their best foot forward”!  She and I agreed staging doesn’t always guarantee a sale.  However, it IS all about making a good first impression with potential buyers.

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The reality is that very few people really want to spend money on a house that they’re selling!  Who could blame them?  It’s hard to spend money on improvements to a property that you’ve probably already emotionally detached from.  While statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money, staging is a difficult sell to homeowners who just want to move on.  So when you get that staging estimate, here a couple things to keep in mind:

One…. What are your monthly carrying costs for the house?  At the very least, it’s likely you have a mortgage and/or equity loan, property taxes, insurance, utilities, lawn care and other routine maintenance.  Add those things together.  Even if your staged home sells 1 month faster than it would otherwise, chances are you are close to breaking even with the cost of staging.  The longer your un-staged home languishes on the market, the more carrying costs and price reductions will cost you.

Two…  the success of your staging will largely depend on the budget you give your professional stager.  Think of it like this.  Staging will indeed help you put your best foot forward.  But, what kind of shoes will you have on?  Your staging budget is akin to your shoes.  Unless your stager has an adequate budget to “tweak”, adding things that might be needed to update and enhance your decor, your results could be limited.  If you really want to put your best foot forward, you probably don’t want to wear crappy shoes!  No, you DON’T need Ferragamos or Jimmy Choos.  But are those bargain bin beauties really the first impression you want to make?  I think you get the idea!





As with all things, finding a happy medium for your market and price point is key.  An experienced stager will work with you and your realtor to come up with a plan and budget that won’t break the bank while maximizing your impact!

With over 80% of prospective buyers previewing properties online before they even look in person, first impressions are crucially important.  Staging your home will ensure your home is putting its ‘best foot forward’.  Just don’t forget the shoes!

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