20160607_165152 (1) Like the shabby-chic, repurposed look? Check out this  decorating hack. I’ve seen vintage book sets like this online and  in stores from $15-30 per set or more. Seemed like a lot for old  books. So I bought a set I found at the local HomeGoods, gave  them a good once over and decided I could ‘Martha Stewart’  that myself!

Off to the used book store where I picked up some  hardcover books in the clearance section for about a $ buck  each. If you have some laying around somewhere, even better! (I looked for the ones with yellowing pages in hopes of  looking a bit more “authentic”.)  I brought them home and took  out my frustrations ripping the hard cover off! (It’s funny how  destroying something can be so therapeutic really.)

Now, to  practice my wrapping skills by tying three books together using  twine (you could use ribbon or lace) and finishing with a simple shoelace knot. Voila!… the same look for almost nothing. They make great filler for curios or risers for accessories. (Anything looks more important on a pedestal!)


Let me know if you add some shabby-chic books to your own decor. I’d love to see pics!