Home with Clock

If you’re selling a piece of real estate, keep in mind that buying, whether you like to believe it or not, is as much an emotional activity as a practical one.  I’m sure you’ve heard that people buy emotionally and justify logically.  The same is true when buying a house.  So if you can make an emotional connection with your buyers, you’ll tip the scales in your favor. That’s where home staging plays the biggest role!

Living Room Before Living Room after

Getting buyers to picture themselves living in and doing all the things that turn a house into a home is key!  The less you leave to the imagination the better.  From fresh flowers on the kitchen table to table settings in the dining room to serving trays in the bedroom, all these things create a powerful emotional response with buyers.   Staging isn’t about spending a fortune.  It is about highlighting the positive selling features of a home and making that emotional connection with prospective buyers.

Master bedroom before Master Bedroom After


Last week we helped a client do just that in their Huntley, IL home.  After running into this homeowner at Pier 1 and discussing the best way to set the dining room table, I was asked to come over for a staging consultation, suggest homework and then come back with a few new purchases to complete the rest of the rooms as well.

Guest Bath Before Guest Bath After

And while I’m no professional photographer, I think these Before & After photos show just what a difference staging can make.  I have no doubt this home, which languished on the market last year, will sell quickly now when it is re-listed.

Family Room Before Family Room After