Selling real estate quickly and for maximum profit, especially in difficult markets, is as much about selling the “dream” as it is about selling the house itself.

If you are selling your house, hopefully you have or are looking for a talented Realtor that excels at selling the dream when walking clients through your listing. Skilled Realtors encourage potential buyers to visualize living in the house, starting a family, spending time with loved ones, entertaining friends and enjoying holidays. If successful, clients emotionally bond with the property before a single box is moved.


An emotional bond can also be achieved by the way your house is decorated. Just as retail stores attract buyers with beautiful displays, it is also important to ensure that your product (your house) is properly “merchandised” at all times while on the market.
Prospective buyers often make their decision about a house within about 10-15 seconds of walking in the front door. Because first impressions are lasting ones, what does your house say in these first, critical moments?

While most Realtors will gladly give you tips for making your house market-ready, many are not interested in the down-and-dirty job of rearranging furniture, painting, organizing and de-cluttering a listing. And while experienced Realtors know what sells and what doesn’t, they also have to be careful not to offend clients or risk losing a listing by starting the relationship on a too negative tone.

Enter your local Real Estate Staging Expert. By using some of the same techniques stores use to promote sale items, a Staging Professional will make sure that the key selling features of your home aren’t overlooked or ignored. A Professional Stager will give you direct, constructive feedback about your house. He/She will explain how to accentuate your house’s natural selling points while enhancing its visual appeal for the largest group of potential buyers. Nationwide, staged homes statistically generate higher offers and spend less time on the market. Staged homes also stand out from the competition making them more memorable and sellable in a saturated market.

We all know that making money requires spending money. Depending upon the condition of your house and how recently key components have been updated, a good ball-park figure to consider investing when preparing your house for the market is 1% (one percent of the list price of the property). Of course, your house may require more or less. But, this amount gives you a reasonable goal as you make your improvements.

Staging is just one component of a successful real estate transaction. You should always remember that the sale of your house is dependent on four key factors:

Realistically Priced Property
Beautifully Staged
Realtor Experience and Persistence
Homeowner Involvement

One weak link could reduce the changes of a successful sale.
So, don’t spend crucial months with a lack-luster listing only to realize that your best opportunities have been lost because you didn’t spend enough time and effort getting the house ready for the market.
As excited as you are to move and start fresh somewhere else, help create that excitement for your potential buyers. Potpourri and fresh flowers just don’t cut it in today’s market. Contact a Professional Stager in your area. Whether selling with a Realtor or By Owner, Stagers will help you get off to a great start making sure you are selling the dream.