12 Days
Don’t think you have what it takes to pull together a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays this year? Think again! Check out this clever “cheat” I use when I craft an arrangement quickly and on a budget.

I’m going to assume you understand you need a container. For centerpieces, pick shorter, more squatty ones. That way, your dinner guests aren’t talking over or through the finished arrangement. Next, fill the container with floral foam and cover the top of the foam with dried moss. Attach the moss to the foam using just a few floral pins.

Now comes the fun part! Shop your local craft and hobby store for floral stems. Quite often you can find sprays, like the one below, which already contain a variety of elements and textures. Variety is the key to any good arrangement. Yes, these sprays are a little more expensive than individual picks but they take the guesswork out of it! I loved this particular winter spray because it has a variety of greens and twigs as well as pine cones, berries and an even a shatterproof ornament.

Floral Pick
floral spray from your local hobby store

You’ll need to cut the stem down to size so you can insert it into your floral foam. This requires a strong hand (make your husband do it if you can’t). It may require multiple attempts, so don’t give up!!! A nice pair of wire snips will make the job even easier since you are cutting through multiple wires wrapped with floral tape.

Cutting Stem
cut stems short enough to fit in container

Next, insert the stems into the floral foam base on an angle keeping the top of the spray up. Once in place, arrange and “fluff” the elements to give them a more natural, less “fresh-out-of-the-box” look. Nature is perfect in its imperfection. Don’t get too fussy but do try slightly bending and twisting the sprays for a more realistic look.

Inserting pick
inserting pics is easier on an angle

In this particular arrangement, which I’m crafting for a client’s large dining table, I used four of the ready-made sprays (two on each side) to add bulk for a fuller more dramatic arrangement. Nothing makes a centerpiece, Christmas tree and mantel look cheaper than using too few picks or sprays. Buy extras if you have to. You can always return what you don’t need.

two sprays
container with two sprays inserted

After the four sprays are in place, embellish the exposed center by adding a few pics with contrasting flowers, leaves or other “filler” to finish the arrangement It’s best to have the center slightly taller than the rest of the arrangement to give it a cascading effect.

Frosty Centerpiece
finished centerpiece

And there you have it! A professional looking centerpiece that took less than 20 minutes to craft and costing a heck of a lot less than if you’d bought it in the store. How much you ask? The sprays were on sale at 50% off…total cost $49. Adding a $12 container, and another few dollars in moss and materials, brought my total to less than $65!!! This arrangement could easily sell for $150-$200 in your local home decor boutiques.

So, save yourself the time and aggravation of planning a floral centerpiece by using sprays that are pre-made for you. The finished look will amaze you and your jealous holiday guests!