Like it or not, life is full of adventure. With work, family or other responsibilities, sometimes it’s hard to keep up or even guess what’s around the next corner. Sometimes those adventures result in a move either across town, across the country or even the world. And for some, depending on their circumstances, a move can happen more frequently than you might imagine.

Living Room After

Since last November, we’ve had fun working with just such a family. If memory serves, these folks have uprooted and moved more than nine times in almost as many years. Their latest move came last fall when they returned to Crystal Lake from Lake Geneva, WI to be closer to work and family.

If there’s an upside to frequent moves, it’s that you don’t tend to accumulate “stuff”. As anyone whose lived in the same home for years can tell you, staying put in one spot, you accumulate a heck of a lot more than just dust. Moving frequently usually means you stay lean and mean ready for the next move. The downside to frequent moves, of course, is that you never really allow yourself to collect many of the things you need to create a finished feel in your home.

With this move, our family wanted to “put down roots”. So, they chose a home they plan to live in for the foreseeable future. And so, it was time to finally focus on decorating and creating a “nest” that feels more like a permanent home rather than just another temporary move.

After their color consultation and painting were completed, we returned just before the holidays to talk decor. Not only did we need to buy a lot of furniture, we also needed most of the finishing touches as well. After months of planning, shopping and waiting, a few weeks ago we were finally ready to give this family the “forever” home of their dreams.

In the Living Room, we created a multi-purpose space. One half of the space was styled as a cozy sitting area for adults. A new love seat, pair of swivel, barrel chairs and tables were added along with a new media cabinet for the tv. On the other half, we created a play area for their young son and his friends incorporating a small table and chairs for lego and leaving a space for a future reading tent. Extra toy storage was hidden in plain site using a beautiful bent-wood chest as a coffee table. We also tucked an additional trunk behind the furniture for overflow.

Living Room Before
Living Room After

In the adjoining Den, separated by French doors, we created a comfortable adults-only space. We added two tufted club chairs and a small side table perfect for reading or listening to the piano. We also added matching bookcases on either side of the window for a library and other collectibles.

Den Before
Den After

The floor plan in the Family Room made it difficult to create a space that feels cozy and inviting. With doorways and a fireplace in the middle of the room, we were forced to create two spaces rather than one large one. A new sectional, end tables, rug, and ottoman were added on one end of the long, rectangular space. On the other side of the fireplace, we added a denim oversized chair and ottoman. Another etagere adds much needed space for more books, family photos and tchotchkes.

Family Room Before
Family Room After
Kitchen & Family Room Before
Kitchen & Family Room After

Most of the existing family room furniture was reused in the finished basement.

Basement Before
Basement After

In the Master Bedroom, we added new bedding, window treatments, lamps and artwork to help finish the space. New dressers and nightstands are also on order and will help turn this large bedroom into a masterful retreat.

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

In a world that’s constantly moving, it’s always nice to come home to a space that feels permanent. Helping these homeowners create a space that feels rooted in the present with a nod to the past is what this project was all about. With the basics in place, the stage is set for this family to create years and years of special memories. Happy Decorating from Decor Designs, Inc. 815-245-2433