Mother’s Day 2018 is less than two weeks away!  How will you show that special lady how much she means to you?  Our Quick Fix™ Redesign service is the perfect solution!!!

Give mom a gift that truly keeps giving.

For less than the cost of taking mom out for dinner, you can give her a gift she will enjoy for more than one evening.

If mom has lived with things the same way for a long time, a fresh perspective may be all she needs to give new life to her home!  Anyone can fall into a rut unable to see the hidden potential in a space.  With careful editing and using items she already owns, we will quickly fix common problem areas leaving her space professionally styled, refreshed and looking fantastic in just a few hours!

Without buying a thing, in THREE hours or less, we’ll Redesign and Restyle mom’s Family or Living Room (or her room of choice) for the incredibly low price of $195 (A 50% SAVINGS off our standard Redesign pricing.)

Give us a call at 815-245-2433 TODAY.  We will process your credit card payment over the phone.  Then, we will email your receipt along with a Quick Fix™ Redesign Gift Certificate to send in mom’s card.

Nothing could be more special than giving mom a gift she didn’t know she needed.  Let us help you make mom feel as special as she is.  Call TODAY.