What colors work best for holiday decorating?

Your holiday color palette is only limited by your personal taste. While red & green or silver & gold themes are classic, you can always shake things up a bit by picking variations of these traditional colors. Try chartreuse or olive green mixed with traditional red or perhaps use copper and bronze accents instead of silver & gold. Pick a favorite wrapping paper, stocking, tree skirt or ornament and build your color story around it. Adding a neutral third color like cream or bronze will unify and balance other non-traditional, contrasting colors.

What items scream holiday spirit while still being tasteful? 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   While some prefer a more subdued holiday décor, others will subscribe to the notion that “it’s not done ‘til it’s overdone!” Anything you associate with holidays can be used for decoration but keep in mind that tasteful decorating is usually purposeful and limited. Otherwise, it becomes visual clutter!

What are some easy ways to decorate for the holidays? 

Tuck ornaments, holiday figurines, greenery and floral picks into bookcases and curios. A large ornament on a shelf, or a cluster of berries and a poinsettia blossom beside books is all the “holiday” you may need in those overlooked spaces.

Fill glass bowls and vases with bows, ornaments, cranberries, candy canes, cinnamon sticks or anything else you associate with the holiday.

Adding more candles and candleholders are an easy way to embellish your decor for the holidays.

What are some economical ways to decorate for the holidays?

Repurposing things that aren’t necessarily associated with the holidays is a great way to stretch your decorating budget. Empty boxes wrapped with holiday paper, cake stands as pedestals for decorations, Mason jars as tea light holders, fireplace logs bundled with bright red ribbon, pine cones sprinkled with glitter, a martini glass filled with peppermints, or old scarves used as table runners all make the most of what you already own.

Any suggestions for the outside of your home? 

While lights on every bush and eave are beautiful from the street, don’t forget to pay particular attention to the front door. Greet family and friends by guiding them to your front door with holiday décor suitable for the outdoors…. A doorway surrounded by flower pots or urns filled with evergreens & berry sprays, draped with garlands and wreaths, weather proof ornaments, large lanterns, vintage sleds, birch branches and more make a beautiful statement of welcome well into winter.

What are ways for folks to decorate when they know the decorations aren’t coming down until after the new year?

If you enjoy leaving your holiday decorations up into the New Year, consider decorating with more of a wintertime theme and avoid colors traditionally associated with Christmas. Snowflakes, icicles, birch logs, evergreens, pinecones and the like will last well into the New Year without looking left over.

If you could splurge on one or two decorating items, what would they be?

Splurge on large “statement” accessories for the holidays rather than wasting money on lots of small ones.   Whether a large decorative tree, Santa, reindeer, sleigh, lantern, footed tree topper or mercury glass vase etc… One or two large seasonal accessories on a sideboard, console, mantel or tabletop can be embellished with fresh evergreens, berries, pinecones and ribbons for a beautiful holiday focal point.

What about “decorating” with music or scents?

While the holidays are filled with many sights and sounds, the sense of smell triggers strong emotional responses and memories. Why not “decorate” with some of the smells people associate with the Season? Simmer a pot filled with a quart of water, an orange peel, a teaspoon of cloves, a handful of dark raisins and an ounce of fresh cinnamon sticks on the stove. Your home will fill with an wonderful, all-natural aroma superior to any canned spray or potpourri!

Do you have anything else to add?

The key to a more professionally decorated look for the holidays, always buy more of whatever decoration you’ll be using than you think you’ll need. In other words, don’t buy one poinsettia or one strand of garland and try to make it work for the entire house. From florals and picks to ornaments, always buy dozens rather than singles for a more festive, professional look. Doubling or tripling inexpensive garlands on staircases and mantels will result in fuller, richer look as well.