12 Days

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without sharing gifts with the ones you love. After fighting crowds and taking all the time to find the perfect gifts, it’s time to box & wrap your treasures.

I think this step is often overlooked or hurried through because we are so busy this time of year. But, in reality, the wrapping itself is almost as important as the gift since that’s really what makes the first impression.

Unadorned packages

Hate wrapping? You can save some time and make your life a lot easier by using holiday boxes. In lieu of running out of tape, mis-measuring the paper or fighting with the cat to say out of the way, consider buying beautiful holiday boxes at the local hobby or retail stores. They are perfect every time, come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns and greatly cut down on the time needed to wrap all your presents.

With that extra time, you can pay a little more attention to the package topper. I know it’s tempting to just take a store-bought bow, peel off the backing and stick it on your gift. Unfortunately, your end result looks like that’s just what you did.

Just bows

If you don’t have time or patience to craft your own wired fabric bows (like the ones pictured here), at least take time to embellish your purchased bows in a way that will make your gift stand out in the crowd.

bow and more

Begin by positioning your bow on the package in the desired spot. Next, using pre-cut stems of berries, evergreens, holly, pine-cones etc… arrange the picks around the bow until you create the perfect group. Now remove the bow from the center and carefully glue or tape your picks to the package leaving the bow to attach last.

Floral Bow

In reality, you don’t even have to use a bow. Using a poinsettia or other flower in place of your bow can be just as effective and more unique. Then embellish as you would have a bow. The end result will be far more beautiful than any bow alone. For an added keepsake, you might even attach an ornament on top of your package.

Ornament package

Shopping after Christmas for clearance stems of greenery, florals and more will allow to create stunning toppers for your packages at a fraction of the cost the following year.

poinsetta and bow

So, why not take time to wow your loved-ones with gift wrapping that’s as special as the gift itself? Adding those special touches will create even more great memories for the giver and receiver this holiday season.

All Three

Happy Gift Giving from Decor Designs!