Here are some great decorating tips to refresh your rooms without spending a lot of money:

Add a two tone paint job in a room with a light and dark value from the same paint chip. Paint the darker shade below chair rail height which is generally 32-36″ for an 8-9′ wall.

Look for gently loved furniture on Ebay or Craigslist but only buy timeless and neutral, quality items with clean lines that are the right scale for the room.

Mirrors add drama and light to a space. Have one cut to fit the top of a coffee or end table. Use mirrors under accessories for more drama.

Use a basket or tray holding books or a plant on your coffee table or ottoman.

Secondhand artwork can be a real cost saver. Liberate a dated or faded picture from it’s frame and create your own art using printed wrapping paper or enlarged photos.

Look for pillows with two different fabric patterns on the front and back to get more bang for the buck.

Lamps get rid of shadowy corners in a room and add life to any space. They can be made out of anything you can drill a hole thru using kits which cost about $10 each.

Used mirrors, wreaths, baskets, large clocks and other unexpected items as art to add a 3rd dimension to your walls. Don’t be afraid to stray from framed art.

Decorate with everyday items. Fill glass jars with grains, stones, seashells or beads and line up on a shelf for inexpensive new accessories.

Want to tap into the bright bold colors you’re seeing in stores? Paint an old table or chest a bright vibrant color instead of committing to it on walls for an easier opportunity to go bold.

Break up your bedroom set and use a short dresser as a dining buffet or use a nightstand as an end table. A 3 drawer dresser can be made into a great hall table or tv stand by removing some or all of the drawers and dropping in painted pieces of thin plywood as shelving.

Repurposed Dresser

Look for deep discounts at retailers like Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning and others and don’t forget to use your mobile device to look for coupons for one item discounts as well.

I hope you’ll keep these things in mind as you ponder ways to restyle your home. Be courageous! Think outside the box when you’re decorating. You’d be surprised at just how many items in your home can be used for multiple purposes.

Happy Inexpensive Decorating!!!