I’d been searching and searching locals retailers for an upholstered wooden armchair as an accent for a decorating project that I’m pulling together. Preferring to support local home accent stores (which are disappearing at Python Chairan alarming rate) and after spending many hours, miles and gallons of gas, I was relegated to shopping online for the perfect piece. While saddened that I wasn’t able to support local business, I am thrilled with this python accent chair from Wayfair.com which will feature prominently in my client’s family room.

The moral of my story, if there is one…. Online shopping is more convenient than ever and sometimes is the only option. But it comes at a price… loss of local businesses, jobs and places to shop are the cost of convenience.  Not to mention, no more “tush testing” before you buy.  

We all look for bargains and ways to make our lives easier.  But think before you buy and help preserve options that might not be here if we don’t.  

Happy Decorating from Decor Designs.  www.decordesignsinc.com