My wife and I purchased our retirement dream home in 2017. The house is 5000 square feet, which presented a daunting task. We were tired of our collection of yours, mine, and our furnishings. We wanted all new for our new retirement lifestyle. With this in mind, along with our widely different tastes, we sought out professional help. Thankfully we found designer, Jeffery Rice.

Both of us are retired from law enforcement. We are focused on fact based, observed outcome driven results. In other words, we are potentially demanding, difficult clients. Skill, knowledge and ability to perform are the key to successful outcomes. Jeff’s services clearly demonstrate excellence in all three elements.

Specifically, his interview skills in ascertaining our needs and wants were melded with our individual tastes and developed into a vision. This vision was transformed into creative living spaces we could only imagine in our minds.

Jeff achieved this by developing themes, choosing color schemes, and diagramming rooms for furnishings. Jeff shopped with us for furniture, stone work for the fireplace, carpet, window treatments, et al. Jeff reviewed our important personal “family treasures” and incorporated them in the final work product. Once Jeff acquired all design elements, we surrendered our house for a final makeover and reveal. Jeff’s vision created amazing spaces which fulfilled our ideal new home. His finished work provided us a portal to our new domain and lifestyle. Family and friends alike all comment on how incredible our home looks.

Economy of words was always my work guide. It is hard to hold true to that rule when speaking about Jeff Rice. In the end, and simply put, Jeff exceeded our expectations.