Most spaces share the same basic characteristics… four or more walls, a floor and ceiling, and maybe windows. So why is it that those “designer” spaces you see in magazines look so different from “everyday” rooms?

Paint, flooring, window coverings and furnishings obviously distinguish rooms from one another. But what truly completes a room are the accessories and how they are used. Those small details and finishing touches can make or break a space just like the right jewelry and shoes can make or break an outfit.

A lot of homes are “cluttered” by excessive accessories… and by that I mean small items spread throughout that neither enhance or impress. The old adage of “less is more” is so true when accessorizing a space. Large accessories easily make an impact just as groups of similar, smaller accessories make a bolder statement in a space.


If you have to work with smaller items, remember that collections of the same item can take on a sculptural and artistic quality that couldn’t be achieved with a single piece. And, you can give an ordinary object more importance by elevating it with boxes or books. For more impact, try putting any item on a mirror.

The devil is in the details and accessories can make or break even the best of spaces. Keep these concepts in mind as you look around at your own use of accessories.

Happy Decorating!