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Between now and Christmas, your seasonal home decor changes probably more than any other time of year.  Other than a few things in the Spring (aka Easter) or the 4th of July, seasonal decor generally doesn’t change much during the summer months.  Who has time to change up this kinda stuff with the kids out of school and vacations, right?

fall maple leaves


I love decorating for Fall!  Even better, it’s so easy to transition from Fall to Halloween and from Halloween to Thanksgiving without much effort.

Fall for most means colorful leaves, dried grasses, pumpkins, gourds, straw, corn and anything end of Summer.  Creating vignettes in your home with these natural items in mid to late September sets the stage for October and November holidays.

I’ve been known to say, “It’s not done ’til it’s overdone!”  But, with our ever-busier lives, I find we are all looking for ways to simplify both in terms of work and in terms of household accessories.  Less is best is faster, simpler and easier to clean around for any Season!

Adding seasonal touches in key areas will accomplish the same thing as decking the entire house with Fall decor.  Trying creating small displays of Fall in key focal areas like front doors and foyers, mantels and hearths and dining room tables.  Other areas for small touches of Fall can be a console or coffee table and the powder room counter.

autumn basket with gourds and pumpkins

Fall leaves and florals soften any accessories you might add and change throughout the Season.  Add those first!   Then nestle in your favorite “accessories” like gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, small bales of hay, a vase filled with apples or nuts, candles and more. This list is practically endless.

Halloween Centerpiece


Early to mid-October, change out your Fall accessories with spookier touches for Halloween.  Pumpkins and gourds become Jack-o-lanterns, spiders, bones, bats, black cats, owls and tombstones fit the bill.  Adding touches of black with candles, florals and accessories immediately adds a more somber tone to your Fall decor.


cornucopia with fresh fruit







And, after the last trick-or-treater has rung the doorbell, it’s time to transition for Thanksgiving.

You can probably bring back a few of your previous harvest accessories and then add things associated with giving thanks. Cornucopias, pilgrims & indians and such play up the traditions in your decor for this special family time of year.

With a few simple changes, your Fall decor can transform so you’re ready for each holiday without having to reinvent the wheel.  With roughly 30 days between each, you’ll have time to enjoy each look before it’s time to tear it all down to make room for Christmas and Hanukkah.

We’d love to see your Fall vignettes.  Consider sharing some on our Facebook page: (https://www.facebook.com/CLDecorator/)

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I’ll admit I love this time of year; one of my favorite seasons for outdoor activities and indoor decorating!

Crisp air, sunny days and the smell of falling leaves put me in the mood for all things Fall.  From hayrides to corn mazes, from changing leaves to gourds and pumpkins, from sitting around fire pits with friends to enjoying soups and stews, everything about this time of year screams hearth and home.



Here in the Chicago area, we’re seeing the leaves turn, the harvest mums are in full bloom and the thistle and grasses have gone to seed.   All are sure signs that snow will be flying before we’re ready for it.

Fall accents blend with every design style. And those same fall touches, with just a few tweaks, are easily updated over the next several months for the fall holidays.  With fall leaves, dried grasses, harvest fruits and veggies as a base, it’s easy to add accents for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Harvest time coincides perfectly with bringing the outdoors inside in your decor.   Inspiration for your fall decor is as close as your back yard.  Take a look around at all the things mother nature has to offer this time of year and incorporate some of them into your decor.  Warm colors and natural, organic abundance are the perfect backdrop for your fall decor.

And the best part of all, by adding seasonal accents, you get a whole new look for your home without breaking a summer sweat.

Happy Fall Decorating from Decor Designs!

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Fall Table


Fall has arrived in Illinois and much of the country.  After a busy summer of kids, vacations and travel, fall is all about bringing family and friends back together to celebrate cooler temperatures with coziness and comfort.  Why not surround your loved ones with a home decorated as if it could give hugs?

Look no further than Mother Nature for your fall decor inspiration.  Harvest colors of yellow, brown, red, gold and orange are a no brainer.  These colorful accents blend well with almost any design style.  Warm colors and natural, organic abundance are the perfect backdrop for everything fall.  Fall leaves, dried grasses, harvested fruits and veggies serve as a wonderful base for a season that centers around food and feasting.

Fall Chandelier

Successful fall embellishments focus on nature.  Whether harvested from your yard or purchased in a store, choose accessories that are made of natural elements.  Woven baskets, terra cotta pots, aged wood benches play well with harvest tools & antiques.  Or mix pine cones and gourds with glass owls, ceramic pumpkins, potpourri or tree branches.

Fall Time

Fall touches, with just a few tweaks, transition easily over the next several months into the fall holidays.   Add spooky spiders, bones, and skulls and it’s suddenly Halloween.  Or mix in turkeys, cornucopias and top hats and you’re ready for Thanksgiving.

Of all the seasons, fall gives you the biggest opportunity to create a comfy, cozy nest for your family with the fewest rules.  Let your home wrap you in warmth this season and enjoy everything harvest in your decor.  Happy Autumn Decorating from Decor Designs!

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Evergreen Chandelier

It’s the first week of January, the holidays are thankfully over and the New Year just begun. Almost overnight in some cases, you’ve arrived at that moment when your beautiful Christmas tree and all the trimmings have instantly turned to unnecessary clutter. So, with a little remorse, you begin the task of un-decorating and storing all things sparkle ’til next Season. All done, you feel accomplished and more at ease only to look around and think how “naked” your space looks with everything put away.

In the coldest, dreariest part of the year, you’re stuck indoors with nothing to look at or inspire you… a three month drought of seasonal decorations until Spring. I hear this from clients all the time. Winter challenges us to decorate in a way that is seasonally appropriate.

Mercury Glass

Instead of fighting it, why not embrace the stark beauty of the season? My solution actually makes use of things you might already have unpacked for the holidays. Just because the holly and mistletoe have seen their day, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate certain elements of holiday into your decor this time of year. Think less “Santa” and more “North Pole” during the winter months.

Crystal Beads

Natural items like birch logs, evergreens, moss, faux snow, crystal gems, icicles and the like continue to make wonderful decorative statements during the winter. Mirrored trays, clear glass vases, crystal decanters, chrome and silver accents, and mercury glass are absolutely appropriate.

With cold temperatures, reds & greens give way to a colder color palette as you find ways to add shades of silver, blue and white into your decor.


Think you can’t have flowers this time of year? Think again? Pure, white florals, even orchids, are a great way to add texture and beauty without feeling “out of season”.

White Floral

The key to winter-time seasonal decorations is to maintain the cold weather theme you started during the holidays. Eliminate the elements that scream Ho Ho Ho and embellish with items that say Snow Snow Snow.

Mirror Tray

With a few careful edits, you can turn your festive Christmas decor into cozy, winter wonderland. Now nestle in with a cup of hot cocoa, light some candles and enjoy this season of rest and hibernation in wintery style.

Happy Winter Decorating from Decor Designs!

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More than any other season of the year, the winter holidays give us a great excuse for decking the halls with all sorts of natural accessories, ones traditionally kept outdoors. I don’t know about you; but I think bringing the outdoors inside somehow helps me prepare for colder months when so much time is spent indoors.

This trend starts in the fall when our homes are decorated with dried grasses, leaves, berries & gourds representing the harvest. Then comes winter, of course, along with the Christmas holiday bringing evergreen trees & garlands, poinsettias, mistletoe and holly to our indoor spaces.
While these natural elements represent tradition and bring back fond memories of family and friends, there are so many other ways to decorate your home for the holidays using more everyday items from Mother Nature.

Bromeliad Tree Bromeliad Wreaths

This weekend I had the chance to check out a wonderful holiday display at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, IL. I love how the experts there incorporate unexpected natural elements into traditional holiday decorating forms like garlands, wreaths and trees. Among my favorites this year were Christmas trees and wreaths constructed with cactus-like bromeliads, bows made from birch bark, and wreaths made of cinnamon sticks.


But, if you don’t have time to get quite that creative, you can still use things you might already have in unexpected ways to craft your own unique holiday cheer. Maybe a bowl of Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples nested in a bed of greens on the kitchen counter? What about a dining table centerpiece of birch logs with candles and evergreens? How about cranberries and oranges as filler for clear vases or jars? A few branches from the tree in your yard will fill a floor vase nicely and one single red ornament hanging from a branch will add the finishing touch. Or, why not use magnolias, hydrangeas and other non-traditional flowers mixed with your evergreens as a nod to the creative?


The sky really is the limit when it comes to making your winter decor come alive with items from the great outdoors. Don’t limit yourself to the tried & true! Look for fun, new ways to mix the gifts of Mother Nature into your own holiday decor this season. Happy Holiday Decorating from Decor Designs!

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Here in the Chicago area, we’re starting to see the first signs of leaves turning. The goldenrod is in full bloom, the thistle and grasses have gone to seed … a sure sign that snow will be flying before we’re ready for it. With a new chill in the air, it’s easy to get in the mood for the fall harvest and probably my favorite time of year for seasonal home decor.

Fall Owls

Fall accents blend very well with any design style. And these same fall touches, with just a few tweaks, transition easily over the next several month for the fall holidays. If you’ve started with fall leaves, dried grasses, harvested fruits and veggies as a base, it’s simple to add accents to embellish them for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

If you need inspiration for your fall decor, imagine walking through an overgrown field collecting samples from all nature has to offer this time of year…then incorporating them into your decor. Harvest time coincides perfectly with bringing the outdoors inside in your decor. Warm colors and natural, organic abundance are the perfect backdrop for everything fall.

And the best part of all, by adding seasonal accents, you get a whole new look for your home without breaking a summer sweat. Happy Fall Decorating!

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