ReDesign is Green Design

green-your-home-tips-1-300x300Ecologists and other environmental experts continue to sound the warning that we are entering a period of devastating consequences resulting from the last 100 years of industrialization and waste.  If it took us that long to dig ourselves into this hole, we’re not going to dig ourselves out overnight!

So what can you do to help our planet and what can the professionals at Décor Designs, Inc. do to help?

By adhering to the principles of redesign and by reusing, relocating and repurposing items that might otherwise have been discarded, we help reduce consumption and waste. While redecorating often fuels ‘new’ purchases, we like to take a slightly different approach by making the most of overlooked or underappreciated items in your home first. Then, only if necessary, we fill in the blanks with new acquisitions.

Since the concepts we practice in redesign are fundamentally Green, and with sustainability becoming ever more important in the years ahead, our professionals offer homeowners an alternative to wasteful design. Our clients can feel good about having a new, designer look that doesn’t have a negative impact on our planet!


Simple Green Tips for Everyone

Paint is the cheapest, fastest way to get a new look. Make sure to use Low or No VOC paints now available from most major retailers.

Repurpose an item. Think outside the box — use old suitcases to make a coffee table, mirrors make great serving trays, properly arranged plates or trays on a wall can make for conversation-starting artwork.

Reupholster quality furnishings to save wood and avoid the unhealthy off-gassing of new furniture caused by printing dyes and glues.

Give tired, damaged furniture a fresh coat of paint or stain (again check VOCs). Use sand paper to distress the edges to let a little of the original finish show through.

Change hardware on old furniture or cabinetry for an updated look.