Affordable Rates

How much will it cost?

Every space has its own unique challenges to overcome in order to achieve a beautifully cohesive and functional look.  Our services are customizable offering you the biggest impact on your space while having the least impact on your budget.

Our Services (as needed) are billed hourly as follows:

In-Home Consultation

Phone/SMS/Email Consultation

$195 minimum (< 2 hours) then $125 per hour

$125 per hour


“E-Design” Redesign & Staging Consultation

“E-Design” Decorating Packages

$125 per hour

$395 / $795 / $1195 (see E-Design for details)

Real Estate Staging- Occupied

Real Estate Staging- Vacant

$295 minimum (< 2 hours) then $125 per hour *


Interior Redesign & Decorating

$295 minimum (< 2 hours) then $125 per hour *

Quick Fix™ Redesign or Staging

$295 (< 2 hours)

Requires Homeowner or Realtor assistance

Holiday & Event Decorating

$125 per hour *

Space Planning & Purchasing

$125 per hour


*LARGE PROJECTS:  A $30/hr surcharge may be required for larger projects requiring a team of decorators/stagers.  Applicable hourly rates are discussed during the Initial Consultation & agreed upon in advance.

Travel, Delivery, Installation and other Fees may also apply as detailed in the Service Agreement.

Services, rates and fees are subject to change and are specified in writing in advance.



What if my “stuff” isn’t good enough for a designer look?
Despite what you might have seen or heard, good design isn’t just about what you spend but how you use what you have.  Nothing excites us more than showing homeowners the ‘hidden’ potential in their “stuff”!  And if you need to add/replace a few things to make things perfect, we can make suggestions for upgrades you can do on your own as time and funds allow.  Of course, we’re always available to help as needed.

Ok, so you charge hourly! How long does a typical Redesign take?
Good Question! We work carefully and efficiently to give you the designer look you’ve always wanted.  Our experience shows that an average-sized family or living room area with an average amount of furnishings and accessories will require 2-4 hours for our decorating professionals to complete from beginning to end.

I have a budget!  Can you still help?
Budgets are a good thing!  We are happy to work with you to get the most accomplished within your specified budget.  The only surprise you’ll get is when you come home to your beautiful new space and we won’t exceed your budget without your approval!

Is a deposit required for decorating projects?
For most decorating and staging projects, we require a minimum 50% deposit as determined by the budget specified in your Redesign or Staging Agreement.  Those funds are applied toward purchases and fees with the remaining balance payable the day of installation.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We happily accept cash and checks as well as most major credit and debit cards including: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.