Quick Fix™

Our Quick Fix™ Home Redesign is the perfect option if you simply need a few “tweaks” including a fresh use of your existing artwork, lighting, and accessories.

If you’ve lived with things the same way for a long time, a fresh perspective may be all you need to give new life to your home!  Anyone can fall into a rut unable to see the hidden potential in a space.  With careful editing and using items you already own, we will quickly fix common problem areas leaving your space refreshed and looking fantastic in just a few hours and for a fixed price!

Or, if you’re planning on selling your home and need a fast and cost-effective staging, our Quick Fix™ Staging is the answer!  We’ll help you make the best, first impression with potential buyers.

Any realtor will tell you that good listing photos are the key to attracting savvy, internet shoppers in search of the perfect new home.  By editing, arranging and accessorizing your primary living spaces, your home will be photo-ready in no time.  In two or three hours and for a fixed price, we will work with you and/or your realtor to address the key areas buyers notice first.