Interior Redesign

By reusing, repurposing & restyling items from your home, our Interior Redesign service gives you that “designer” look you’ve always wanted while saving both time and money.

Chances are you already have most of what you need to create a stunning look that you and your family will enjoy.  Our Redesign service makes the most of your decor by reusing what’s on hand.  If there are a few missing things, we’ll help you identify what they are and where to add them.

To complete your redesign, our team of well-trained professionals follow a tried and true system.  First, your space is completely cleared so we can better evaluate its hidden potential.  Then, we reconstruct the room following a step-by-step process to make it more welcoming, beautiful and functional for your lifestyle.

In addition to saving you money, Interior Redesign is fundamentally eco-friendly, helping protect our environment.  With tons of household items being dumped into landfills or burned every day, keeping things out of the waste stream has never been more important.  Redecorating with what you already own helps you see your home in ways you may have never considered while saving you money!

Before and After Photos