Healing Touches

Numerous studies have shown that one’s mental and physical well-being are greatly influenced by a person’s surroundings.  So, if creating a well-dressed ‘nest’ is a key to our overall health, why would anyone ever do without it?  Now, imagine not having the finances or physical strength to keep up with decorating due to a prolonged illness.  Healing Touches by Décor Designs™ is our opportunity to assist select individuals suffering from a chronic, debilitating, or life-threatening illness.


Through this program, we offer complimentary redesign services to those who have demonstrated need and who are unable to provide for or create beautiful and healthful surroundings for themselves.

Everyone enjoys and benefits from surroundings that promote peace, prosperity and healing.  For more information on this program and/or to nominate someone you love for consideration, please contact us at healingtouches@decordesignsinc.com or call 815-245-2433.

Privacy Assured!