While I enjoy the challenge of redesigning a space, decorating a room from scratch can be just as challenging and rewarding. This Huntley, IL living room was one of those projects. In this new construction home, an empty canvas was just begging for the perfect furnishings to fit this young family’s lifestyle, needs and budget.

This room, like so many I see, frustrates and confuses a lot of clients. It’s what I like to call the “Pretty” Room. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that smaller space in almost every home that’s prominently seen but rarely lived in at all. Ironic that it should be called the “living” room. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be warm and inviting. And hopefully with just the right mix of things, the family will be more excited about spending time away from the kitchen & family room area. Whether to read, play games or have a glass of wine, this area can be a nice retreat from a busy household.

So we tackled the space by adding a scale appropriate furniture group complete with a taupe/gray love seat, patterned occasional chair and leather accent chair; just enough seating without crowding the 15 x 15 foot space. With a lively teal blue as the accent color in the nearby living room, we wanted to carry a hint of that through into this space but add a new “punch” color. Vibrant yellow seemed to fit the bill in artwork, pillow, and accessories. A blue/green/taupe colored striped rug added additional interest without competing with the busier pattern on the chair. Cream colored side tables repeated the cream color in the other pieces. The homeowner specifically requested a trunk style coffee table for storage which we added. Finally, new stippled mercury glass lamps and a few new accessories mixed with cherished wedding gifts and artwork finished off the space.

Living Room Before 1 Living Room After 1

Living Room Before 3 Living Room After 4

Creating a room that matches a client’s vision is an exciting but somewhat stressful job. But, having homeowners that understand the creative process and give you latitude to “do what you do” makes it a whole lot more fun.