Candlestick Risers The only thing separating you from that new look you’ve been wanting is your ability to think outside the box. No matter how many decorating classes you take, inspiring magazine photos you clip or how much you spend on new stuff, if you keep decorating your home in the same tired, predictable ways, you’ll end up with the same uninspired results.

Decorators and designers, like artists, understand that things have to be unique and different in order to draw attention. And since there are only so many ways to arrange a room or accessorize a bookcase, it’s those unique uses of everyday items that stand out in a sea of the expected. A client saying “I never would’ve thought of that!” is music to the ears of any room stylist.

Martini Glass Candy Dish So what do you have to lose? All you need to do is look around your home and use what you already own but in unique and different ways. Tired of that candy dish on your coffee table? Try a martini stem filled with colorful candies instead. How about those candlesticks on your mantel? They aren’t just for candles anymore. Use them as risers for all sorts of decorative items. That drawer full of old scarves in the bedroom is just full of table runners or scrunchies to soften the edges of vignettes.

Don’t settle for the expected. If you look for ways to use what you already own in different and unexpected ways, you’ll discover hidden potential in almost every item you own. The sky is the limit. Remember, the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just adding a little “extra”!

Happy Decorating!