I think you get the idea that your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it can be better. Simply following some easy DIY decorating tips, you can create a home you love! That is where having some great decorating advice and basic guidelines can really help get you started. Armed with the know-how, you can avoid spending too much money and wasting time wondering what went wrong.

Even a black picture frame can help "ground" a space.

Even a black picture frame can help “ground” a space.

So here’s yet another fast and easy tip to give your space more pizazz. Simply add a “touch” of black in every room. It’s hard to explain the effect, but you will notice an instant improvement. Think of it like this…. Rather than the presence of all color (white), black is actually the opposite. Black serves to “ground” a space acting as a visual reference for all other colors. Black is elegant, timeless and works in every decor. Try adding black framed artwork, a black clock or other accessories, fabrics or rugs containing small amounts of black etc… almost anything with a touch of black can be added into your room. No need to go overboard, one or two items is all it takes to achieve the desired effect.