We’ve all been there before, moving into a new home and inheriting the previous owner’s vision, or lack of, for the space. In this past week’s project, cream colored walls and dated fixtures flowed throughout. And while my wonderful client had started the work, tackling a full home restyle was just too much to handle alone. And rightfully so, transforming this beautiful river-front townhouse into a townHOME, all in one day, was no small feat.
The first step was to create a color palette that helped unify the space. The open common areas were painted with varying shades of the same neutral to unify the space. We added saturated punches of color in bathrooms and bedrooms.
Then, from upstairs bedrooms to the finished basement, every room in this Lake Barrington, IL address was restyled and embellished to fine tune what the owner had already started. Accessories and artwork added interest and gave us an opportunity to repeat those same punch colors to create flow from space to space.
Dining Room BeforeDining4
With the addition of a few new pieces of furniture, artwork, area rug, lamps, accessories, soft window treatments, bedding and a stunning geometric wallpaper in the Master Bedroom, one by one the spaces came to life. Tears of happiness were the seal of approval on another job well done!