Wanna know one of the biggest decorating mistakes we see time and time again? Artwork. Yes, it can be bad for any number of reasons…. Maybe it’s dated, the wrong color, style or scale. But, the worst offender with artwork is placement!

Whoever said artwork should be hung at ‘eye-level’ should have his eyes poked out! Don’t believe me? Hand your 6’3″ husband a piece of art and have him hang it at ‘eye-level’ and see what happens. I”m guessing that’s what happened in this picture!
As a general rule, most DIY decorators hang artwork too high! You’d think people lived in art galleries based on where they chose to hang everything. From artwork to family photos to clocks to mirrors, they are all equal opportunity offenders.

Think of it this way… unlike an art gallery, in the home, artwork is best appreciated while seated. So rather than hanging these things at ‘eye-level’, wouldn’t it make more sense to place them lower so you can enjoy them without craning your neck? Eye-level while standing varies greatly from person to person. But most everyone sits at about the same height. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to hang things about 60″ from the floor to the center of the art/clock/mirror or about 6-8″ above a piece of furniture like a table or sofa.
Lowering your artwork will not only show off your nice high ceilings but will make your space feel more cozy.

So forget asking your husband to hang it and skip the ladder! Pull your artwork down out of the rafters and save yourself a trip to the chiropractor. You’ll be happy you did!